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About Rapid Building Solutions

Rapid Building Solutions specializes in egress windows and custom stonework. The company is committed to providing excellent customer service and strives for perfection to ensure high quality results.

Rapid Building Solution is owned by Brad Johnson, who possesses over 30 years experience within the concrete, masonry, carpentry, and equipment operating trades. For several years he served as a concrete/building superintendent for a prominent commercial construction company, managing large projects.

Egress Window Installation Specialist

Basement egress window installationRapid Building Solutions is a specialist in basement egress windows and offers a 5-year workmanship warranty to give you peace of mind. We also manage all codes and permits while we work on your basement-egress windows project. As basement and foundation specialists, we are able to quickly and accurately install basement windows that will increase the value of your home while adding safety and peace of mind.

We will provide a free estimate on your egress window installation. Every homeowner will receive a fair and exact price. A copy of our warranty will be sent to you so that you are fully informed about what is covered and how long it lasts.

Rapid Building Solutions egress window installers will install basement egress windows as well as durable window wells to ensure that your system is compliant with all local codes.

We Install Egress Windows in Rapid City & The Black Hills

Many homeowners don’t enjoy the task of hiring a contractor. We believe that we can change how homeowners perceive contractors and make them more comfortable with their work.

Rapid Building Solutions’ team of egress windows experts has the knowledge, experience, and high-quality products to make your basement beautiful.

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Egress Windows Installation

Our specialized egress windows installation crews can handle all aspects of the job so that there is no downtime. We will take good care of your property, including protecting your basement from dust as well as your yard from tire tracks. These are the basic steps to follow:

Egress window contractor near mel To install basement windows, excavate a hole.

l To install a window, you will need to cut the foundation.

l Install an egress window

l Make sure you have an egress window well

l Backfill soil

Escape Basement Windows

Rapid Building Solutions is the local expert in basement egress windows. We can also manage any permits or code regulations for your basement egress windows project. Additionally, we are experts in cutting into foundation walls and completing fast, precise egress window installation.

Egress Windows Installers

Egress windows are more difficult than regular window installations because they require digging and cutting into the foundation of your home. Most egress windows and window wells can be installed in one day. Here are some things you can expect.

Egress Windows Installation Process

Basement egress window

Our logistics team marks utility lines and pulls permits.

We will begin digging on the day of your egress windows installation. To prevent tracks from the excavator leaving track marks in your yard, we lay plywood and then hand-dig when there isn’t enough space. We’ll haul away any extra dirt once we’re done.

Our specialized saws are used to cut through your foundation in one pass. This ensures a smooth cut that does not compromise your foundation’s integrity.

We use sealant during framing to give the window a finished look. It also helps prevent water damage. We seal the seams with a silicone-based caulk after the window has been placed.

We include a sump box inside every window well. This makes it easy to manage and redirect water to the sump pump and interior drainage system if there are any issues.

We leave the area as it was when we arrived.

It is clear that a home construction project can cause chaos. We will make every effort to minimize disruption. Our crews will protect floors and walls, place plastic to isolate the area and use one of the best dustless saws and techniques in the industry. We are the only company that will work as hard to maintain your home.

Basement Window Well

Egress Windows Code

Keep Your Basement Up To Code we are the Egress window experts you can count on! There is nothing worse than finding out your basement is not up to code. Let the experienced professionals at Rapid Building Solutions make sure that your basement windows are up to code.

Egress window code is a requirement intended to ensure a person can escape a building through a window in an emergency . Most codes also require the windows to be large enough for a firefighter with his pack on to enter through them. The term “egress” simply means a direct method of leaving a building. These are necessary for good escape routes in case of emergency.

We make sure that your basement windows are up to code. Most homeowners are not familiar with the International Residential Code (IRC) criteria for egress windows. Egress codes are very specific, because egress windows impact the structure of your home and safety of your family when in the basement. Egress window codes put requirements on window measurements for the window opening width, window height, and how the window functions. If your home isn’t a new, a recent build or remodel, then it most likely was not built to meet International Residential Code.

For basement egress windows, there are also codes that regulate the sizes of the window wells, which is the area surrounding the window on the home’s exterior. The wells must provide 9 square feet of floor space and be a minimum of 36 inches

Rapid Building Solutions
Your Local Egress Windows Experts

We understand that customers don’t always want this type of work done at their home. We have the right equipment and people to do the job quickly and efficiently. Rapid Building Solutions is able to complete a egress windows installation in half the time as other contractors. Most egress window installations can be completed in one day.

Before they arrive, our crew leaders will get in touch and keep you informed throughout the project. Your Crew Leader will review the work completed with you and our team will also follow up to find out how it went. Rapid Building Solutions will send you a survey to allow you to rate the entire experience.

Whether you want to add an egress window for to make a basement bedroom legal, to have more energy efficient windows or just bring more natural light to a dark space, Rapid Building Solutions is committed to providing exceptional customer service and completing your project on time. We offer the best egress windows solutions in the business.. This is backed up by over 25 years of experience and we aren’t stopping. We provide a remarkable customer experience by giving every customer Rapid Building Solution experience. This includes providing a consultative inspection and completing your project on-time and within budget.

So let us help you turn your basement into a bright, comfortable office, family room or bedroom with a new egress windows installation. We don’t feel satisfied until you are happy, no matter what the job. We’ll make it right, or we’ll fix it. This is the Rapid Building Solutions promise.

Contact us today, follow the button below for a free no obligation egress window installation estimate.